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Prescott Transit Authority
820 Sheldon Street
Prescott, AZ 86301

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Dial-A-Ride Taxi Cab Service

Executive Transportation Service

Just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service this weekend....on time, friendly, helpful drivers.  We would certainly use Executive Transportation again and will recommend you when we have the chance.

Beswt Regards,

Steve Slavin

Today we utilized your services for a client to go from Prescott to Phoenix where he was to obtain a Greyhound bus ticket.  He had to be there by noon today in order to receive that ticket from Helping Hands.  I called you at 9:00 am your time and you had the client handled by 10:00 am.    Today Kelly was absolutely more than awesome and your driver was obviously on the same page with her.

In March of this year you all also helped us coordinate pu ect for another client going to your city of Prescott from my city of Clearwater FL.  On that one his mother paid the fee for your services.

What I want to say here is that I have never worked with such an awesome service like yours.  You guys go above and beyond.  I cannot stress to you enough how valuable your service is.

I thank you Greatly!

Lance Greene


Straight Ahead Outreach

To whom it may concern;


I just wanted to take the time to let you know that I was originally going to use your service, but when I told your phone operator that I was looking for the office that was closest to my son's house on Lincoln Ave, they said they thought that what I was actually looking for was your competitor. Although of course they hated to give biz away, they gave me their number to be helpful.


I just thought it was awesome that your employees were paying attention enough to what I really needed, vs/ simply selling me a ticket. I wanted you to know.


Thanks so much, 

Erin Brandt


Dear Silvernales,  You certainly have a group of great employees.  I ride in your vans so much that I buy 20 tickets at a time.  Your staff from drivers to dispatch and people at the station are always helpful, professional and frequently go out of their way to help customers.

I recently received special assistance from Kellie who was so helpful & upbeat she almost made me cry.  She did her job and helped me with a project to assist the people in Yarnell.  several others on your staff did the same.  I appreciated her immensely and I know the Yarnell residents did also.  The proceeds from this project was 100% donated to those in Yarnell who need help.

The money has been & will continue to be used for food vouchers (especially perishables).  Some of the money will be used for gas vouchers for volunteers who take residents to Dr appointments as far as Wickenburg & other places they cannot get to by themselves.  This can all be verified by the Noon Lion's Club.

Thank you for hiring this wonderful staff.

Johnny Dorman

Cynthia Cartensen wants us to know that we are totally awesome!  She had a great trip.  We have professional and carring staff and will definetly recomend us to everyone.

Linda Firth would like Christy Furr's boss to know She is a great driver and keeps her passengers comfortable and happy in a very stressful long ride.  She always has a smile on her face.

To Management:

Wonderfully smooth drive, clean vehicle and great driver to visit with.  Have new knees-totaly replaced in Feb.  He gave me the seat up front.  All riders were pleased and provided for.  Then when I got to my car Surprise!!  The battery was dead.  Came back in to the office (folks were closing up) they generously offered a jump start (all I needed) and I was able to give a confused passenger a ride home also.  Just wanted to say thanks for the driver, the van and after 10 years, the PTA.

Charlie Babb

Hamm Ali, called to say that he was very impressed by and appreciated Tony's professionalism.

Hamm Ali

Dear Steve:

Thank you and Prescott Transit for your continuous support of the KIWANIS Auction.  Your generousity has allowed us to help the children of our community and make Prescott a better place.  We trully appreciate our community supprt and businesses like yours-- Thank You



Executive Transportation & Shammarie ,

Thank you for your generous donation to the "Dinner for the Diamond" fundraiser.  Your contribution helped us tremendously in our fundraising efforts.


Badger Baseball Boosters

Dear Friends:

We cannot express with adequate words the gratitude we owe you for rescuing our students from Glassford Hill Middle School. This is an amazing community to have businesses such as yours extend a "hand" to those in need.  Please know that we consider you "heros" of the Humbolt Schools.

Mariela Bean

Director of Public Relations

Humbolt USD

I called today to place three reservations by phone.  Tia helped me and she was wonderful to work with.

Dusty Gray

From Dispatcher Whitney, Susan Sanders called in today.    She said Scott was excellent, courteous, did the speed limit, made sure they felt safe & relaxed, had the music and temperature just right.  She wants to make sure the bosses know he was amazing!

From Dispatcher Rhonda, Teresa Williamson called today (3-1-12).  Beth took her twice and she said she wanted to take the time to call and let us know what an exceptional driver and employee she is.  She said that she drove off the curb extra slow and made sure not to hit any bumps because she has a bad back.  She just went on and on about how great she was.

From Dispatcher Alex,  Naomi called.  Wanted to pay compliment to Beth and get to management that she is very nice and the passenger appreciates her very much.

Dear Management and Staff,

I would first like to say how pleased I am with the service at PTA. I use the service as often as twice a month and always encounter the best rates and a friendly and helpful staff--it's also nice to support a family operated, local business. On my most recent trip, my driver Chris (last name unknown), who has always been a pleasure on previous trips, went above and beyond the limit of customer service and courtesy. Not even aware that I has lost a sentimental piece of jewelry, Chris hand delivered it to my place of employment where he had so kindly dropped me off the day before. First surprised that I had even lost it, I was even more surprised by Chris's thoughtfulness and professional courtesy. I would like to extend a big thank you to Chris, as well as Prescott Transit Authority for hiring such exceptional employees. I plan to continue using PTA as my only resource for transportation. Cheers!


Rhiana Darr

Prescott, AZ


You gave me a ride in the taxi to go home from Prescott Transit on Saturday Sept 17th.  You helped me get in to my house.  You used your flashlight and walked me to my back door.  You unlocked it for me.  You did not leave until my lights came on.  For this I am thankful to you!!  You went above and beyond your duty!

God Bless you always,

Dorothy Greseth


I just wanted to thank you for all your personal attention in scheduling my trip to Prescott.  I just returned home to Orange Co. yesterday.  This was all new to me.  With that being said, I wanted you to know that my experience with your Service was perfect.  Both my drivers were polite & professional.  I actually enjoyed the 2 hr trip.  Plus, I was able to sit in the front seat or close too.  I was very confortable.  I will be traveling to Prescott again in the next 6 months or sooner.  I would not hesitate to schedule with your company again.  Thanks again for making my trip safe and more enjoyable.


Margaret Hammer


Your driver Chris Ezell, was my Knight in Shinning Armor, my Hero and the guy that saved me from loosing contact with the entire world just by picking up my cell phone from wherever I managed to let it fall from my hand.

I retraced my steps through the sleet and snow, slipping and sliding my way up Marina Street for the second time and thought what the heck, let me just stop in to the Hassayampa lobby and ask if by chance they found a cell phone and there it was with a note from Chris.  Thanks for having such a great employee, have a happy New Year.

Sandy Griffis

Executive Director

Yavapai County Contractors Association


Mom and I wanted to send a note to you regarding your driver Mr. Scott Gray.  What a professional and thoughtful driver.  He especially made my mom feel secure and confident about her trip to Prescott. 

Great Guy!!!

John Abbott

Dear Steve,

On the 30th of Dec., I was a passenger on your service from Phoenix and upon arriving in Prescott the road condition was so bad that no Taxis were running.  Your driver, Gary Frank, was not only very safe on what appeared to be a torturous trip but also volunteered to drive me home.  Without his willingness to drive me I would have been stuck at your office for the night.

Thank You SO MUCH for your great people,

Caroline Gardiner

Dear Steve,

We recently used your services our annual visit to Coborca, Mexico. We now know how smart we are! The equipment was clean, well equipped and more that adequate for our trip.

I coordinated this service through Shammarie. What a delight she was to work with. She was extremely efficient and attentive to all our needs.

Vickie Webb was our driver and we couldn't have been happier. She proved to be a skilled and professional driver and equally attentive to our needs. Additionally, Vickie was there to provide aid and assistance to one of our members who had become ill. Vickie was well received by all our traveling members and our companions in Caborca as well. We feel we gained a new friend in our midst.

As I had mentioned to you before, we make our annual trip to Caborca every October. Our first order of business, once we establish the date, will be to contact Prescott Transit Authority.

Sam Pool, Chairman

Dear Sirs,

Mother is 92 years old, with very limited vision and a significant hearing loss.  Usually I would have driven her myself, although an immediate issue in Prescott precluded me from doing that.

Her driver was named Britt Brown.  As soon as Mother returned home (in Southern California) she called me.  She said that her driver was eztremely courteous, personable, preofessional and so caring.  He made sure that the sky cap at the baggage check in called for her wheel chair to get her to the gate, and that she was safely in the hands of Southwest Airlines before he left.  In addition she said what a good driver he was!  When I left her at your terminal he said he would take good care of her, and he is a man of his word!  You are fortunate to have such a great employee!

I certainly appreciate the good service received from Britt, as did Mother.  Maybe we'll be lucky enough to get Britt as a driver again!


Jill Nelson

Dear Staff,

We would like to express our thanks to your limo services, which we used for transportation to our loved one's services at the Veterans Cemetery in Prescott on June 29.  Our driver was a very nice, polite and punctual man named Robert.  Everything went beautifully that day.  Thanks again for your services at this stressful time for us.


Mrs. Isabel Walker and Family

Kelly on your reservation staff was a Big Help.  She took my problem and worked it out for me.  What wonderful customer service!  Thank You All

Marsha Cossaboom

Debbie:  I want to take this opportunity to thank you and your company for the very professional service/activity yesterday in taking us to Sedona and back in your nice, well equipped limo.  Your driver was right on time, knew exactly where we were going, helped up load our packages ect. and was "on the spot" for our return...couldn't have been nicer...I hope you'll pass the word.


B. Cheek

Kristi!!  I bet you thought I forgot about you.  When I was in Dewey, I was scared to death to drive an unfamilar vehicle to the hospital in Phoenix, but you were so encouraging and helpful with the directions, I made it!  You were so kind and patient with me.  Thank you again, ever so much for being the person you are.

Barbara Wood

Debbie Tuttle:

Kristine Yoder called to tell us what an angel Cathy is.  She was extremely helpful and patient.  Thank you for having her ins customer service.

Dear Steve:

Recently I had the opportunity to use Prescott Transit Authority. I would like to let you know how much I enjoyed your service. The drivers Kelly and Scott couldn't have been better. Kelly was very personal, Scott was very professional and thorough. Their excellent service is to be commended. I would not hesitate to recommend your company.

Pam Johnson
(Jim Johnson's wife)

"Steve, just wanted to let you know that the experience on May 14th was incredible. Robert is an outstanding employee, patient, classy, workable and represents your company extremely well. The attention to detail and customer service experience made the night even more special. Thanks again Steve. I will definitely use your service again.  My 12 yr. old daughter now has the idea that she will get the limo for her 13th birthday party....NOT."


"Dial-A-Ride’s service is very personal. The drivers are like friends to us. My wife is handicap and being helpful when someone is not steady on their feet, is especially kind. The dispatchers even know us, which adds a personal connection. They really go the extra mile for us and they are very personable and we enjoy having conversations with all the drivers. They really do more than their job."

Don Johnston

"Steve, Just wanted to let you know we had a great trip from Prescott to Phoenix with your driver Milenko(SP) on the 21st. He was very professional and courteous and got us there safe and sound. Same goes for our first driver, a woman on the 18th, but I didn't catch her name.

Thanks for your service."

Tim Aden and Mary Sills

Dear Steve, Thank you for the generous deal you gave to the Prescott House. The bus to the Diamondbacks was wonderful!

Michael McGill

Dear Steve, Thank you for your generous contribution to the Goldwater Institute. Your support continues to make a real difference, and remain very grateful!

Jess Yescalis

I just wanted to tell you that the service provided by Robert last night was superb.  He arrived right on time and made sure that our trip to Sky Harbor and return was as smooth and easy as possible. My thanks to him and your entire organization for providing a great experience.

Alan Wittenberg

Mr. Silvernale:
I am writing to let you know of an exceptional experience I had with your company. I was transported to the airport from Prescott on Thanksgiving Day in 2007. WHile a lot of time has passed, I want to let you know about it as it still comes to mind from time to time. I sat in the front seat with Kristy as my driver. I was coming from my aunt's funeral and spending Thanksgiving Day traveling home to where I would be alone. Kristy was so patient explaining the vegetation and terrain to me answering all my questions. She was both friendly and professional. Traveling with her turned out to be one of the best parts of the long trip home. I imagine the sentiments I express in this letter are shared by a multitude of people who didn't take the time to send a letter. I will employ the services of Prescott Transit Authority and highly recommend your services whenever I have the opportunity.

Thanks for the ride.

Denise M. Healy

Dear Sir:

I want to let you know my impression of one of your employees, Kelly who helped me with the computer.  She has an excellent voice, she was intelligent, helpful and friendly.  It was a pleasure to deal with her.

Ron Stien

Chino Valley


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